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  • The best time, evar! (Or, the weekend I met Amanda Tapping!!)

    A week on from Chevron 7.8 and I still haven’t written up any kind of follow up. I’m a slacker, I know this! So here are my thoughts (and a few photos) from the epic Chevron weekend… I get really excited about meeting sci-fi celebs, I am a total fangirl when it comes to these…

  • I’m Such A Fangirl

    I am soooooo excited! I’ve met Michael Shanks, Scott Bakula, Peter Facinelli and Jewel Staite this weekend! Everyone has been super nice and getting to speak to, touch and even HUG Michael Shanks (who was the whole reason for my coming here!!) has left me somewhat speechless and very happy! More details and pics later!

  • So Exciting

    So, I now have wordpress on my iPhone! But that isn’t what I’m so excited about… I am going to my first sci fi convention in 19 days!! But even that isn’t the reason… Micheal Shanks will be there!!!!!!!! So I finally get to go to a con and meet him in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will…