WTF am I doing?

I started the second month of Insanity today. Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit. This is why they call it “Insanity”.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Admittedly, I struggled through the Fit Test. It took me ages to get my breath back between each move. But my results were good. 🙂

Move Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2 Fit Test 3
Switch Kicks 86 88 82
Power Jacks 34 34 40
Power Knees 80 101 110
Power Jumps 29 25 34
Globe Jumps 7 9 10
Suicide Jumps 4 5 8
Push-Up Jacks 4 11 16
Low Plank Oblique 26 39 50

The weight and measurements weren’t quite so impressive, but that was to be expected because I’m a girl and these things happen (frequently!) so I ended up with a net gain of 2 inches and 1.8% body fat for now. In 25 days that will change, though!

Then it was on to the actual workout. The warm up itself was brutal enough and I would have been happy to quit then, but I stuck it out. Some moves were down right impossible for me to do. Floor Switch Kicks – basically my arm strength is not good from when I broke my forearm as a child and it was REALLY painful so I skipped those.

I suffered through the whole third circuit and screamed at my telly the whole hour. But the stretch at the end is the best part and always feels like the most amazing thing in the universe.

The thing that I LOVE about Insanity is that the people doing it in the video, and even Shaun T himself, struggle with it. They are out of breath and take breaks and look like their dying just like I do! It’s not like other workouts where they all look happy and perfect the whole time. These people suffer through it and that makes me feel good about doing it for some reason.

I got through it. I even did a little better than I thought I would. No doubt by the end of this month I won’t be suffering quite so much with it and my god, I look forward to that!


2 responses to “WTF am I doing?”

  1. BillyDHowell Avatar

    Go you!

    1. I will feel more optimistic when I don’t hurt quite so much!! Feeling it today. It’s gonna be a hard month!!