To the Future!

I’ve got some good motivation in the next few months to stay focused on all my goals:

Chevron 7.8 is the last weekend of February. Amanda Tapping – need I say more? <3

I’m seeing Florence + The Machine with my lovely, gorgeous princess of a friend the first weekend of March! I have been listening to Ceremonials nonstop since she gave me the CD for my birthday and can’t wait. Flo is amazing live <3

The next big thing after that (for now) won’t be until July – LFCC! I’m sure we can fit something in between now and then… maybe a mini-holiday…

Chevron is the biggie and I’m determined to complete Insanity before we go. It’s just under 5 weeks – the perfect amount of time to not lose motivation and determination.

I’ve decided I’m going to try morning workouts this week. If I don’t want to leave my lush bed tomorrow at 5:45am I will remind myself that I have 33 days to make a difference, so am I going to snuggle in bed or am I going to work towards my goal?!