Insane in the Membrane

I’ve made this INSANE decision to do Insanity, the Beach Body workout programme. I’ve heard about it and looked at it a few times but never really committed, but now I’ve decided why not. It’ll challenge me and push me like nothing else and I’ll be stronger and healthier at the end of it at the very least.

Why would I start something like this right before Christmas? Well, I don’t see the point in waiting 3 weeks until January just because it’s the holidays. Life doesn’t stop for Christmas and New Year’s. We often like to make believe it does, but in reality it keeps right on going and we are just procrastinating and making excuses to over-indulge and be worse off than we were before the holidays began.

Well I’m not going to do that.

So tonight I did the Fit Test. Oh. Em. Gee. Some of those moves… I can’t even DO them. But I tried and so my starting stats are pretty low. But that means there’s LOADS of room for improvement, right?

I will to wait until next week to start the actual programme, simply because I’m away this weekend for my birthday so Monday seems a good time to start so I’m not starting then having a 3 day break a few days later, that just seems silly to me.

Speaking of my birthday, I’m super excited and looking forward to going to London this weekend to see The Wizard of Oz Musical. I booked it months ago and am really looking forward to it and the meal I’ve booked at the mexican restaurant close to the theatre, authentic mexican food?! Yes, please!

Fingers crossed that I don’t get the awful cold that everyone else in my office has and they keep trying to infect me with! I could really do with NOT being sick on my birthday this year, since I’m still sad about having to cancel going to Paris last year from being so poorly. 🙁 I have Vitamin C tablets and was even drinking tea with Manuka honey this afternoon to try and stave off any germs.