Make it Happen

Hey peeps, what’s shakin’?

My last post was from before I went on holiday and I must admit I was not in a good place before going away. Everything seemed difficult and I was fed up with it all.

Our holiday was amazing and 10 days on a beach in sunny Cala Millor was exactly what was needed. I kept my phone off for most of the time and Hubby and I spent all our time laying in the sun, swimming in the sea and just chillin’. It was lush. I cried the last day before we left simply because I did not want to leave. I love that place so much, it has everything I want in life! I miss the beach and ocean so much. I love my life here in the UK, my only wish is that I was closer to the coast so I could visit it as often as I wanted.

Since being back I have been positive and more productive. I’ve decided to not let things stress me out. I can only do what I can do and I’m not going to let fear, panic or worry stop me from doing what I need to and can do for myself. I’m applying to this to every aspect I can: work, exercise, general day to day life.

I haven’t gotten (too) stressed out about things and have felt really upbeat and some days, energetic – not in the mornings though, that’s impossible. I’m embracing my work and taking charge with my projects, accepting more responsibility and ensuring things are done properly. I’m making an effort to be more helpful and make decisions on my own.

I am making an effort to not be lazy and get to the gym. I’m glad I had signed up for abs classes until the end of the year, it forces me to go at least twice a week and then I only need to get there 1-2 more times a week. Packing my gym bag in the morning and having it with me when I leave work gives me incentive to go before I get home where I will make excuses to not go. No more excuses.

I had been in a food rut recently and before holiday I was getting more and more depressed about it. Portion size is my biggest problem, even with healthy food. I ate as I normally would the first week back (last week) and when I weighed this past Monday I had lost 2.6lbs just from eating more fruits and veggies and getting to the gym three times, plus the 2 abs classes.

This week I started following a 4 week diet plan from Woman&Home’s Feel Good You, to ‘Super Charge’ my diet, hah. It’s really easy to follow because every meal is laid out for 4 weeks and you have a list of snacks to choose from for your afternoon snack. I’ve stuck with it almost dead on since Monday, it’s all real food that is healthy and yummy so it’s been easy to stick to. The magazine boasts that you can lost up to 14lbs over the 4 weeks if you stick to this diet. That would be nice, sure, but it’s not my ultimate goal with it. I’m looking to refresh my diet and learn portion sizes so that by the end of it, I’m used to the right amount and type of food.

Exercising regularly has helped with my positivity and stress. It’s no secret that exercise boosts mood, energy and has a whole host of positive side effects. I know that when I exercise it helps with my headaches, depression and mood immediately. Exercising regularly keeps my mood regulated, which is always a bonus when you struggle with depression, and boosts my confidence, something I could always do with!