The Holidays are Upon us

I know it’s only November 11th, but when you live outside of the US the holiday season comes early and is, in my opinion anyway, more joyful because there aren’t 3 holidays crammed into less than 10 weeks.

Take Halloween as an example. It is celebrated here, but not even close to on the same scale as in the US! It’s perceived as a children’s holiday mainly but it seems people here are much less willing to take their children out to celebrate. You may get a handful of trick or treaters on the night but that’s about it. It’s not embraced or a major thing.

Thanksgiving… Well that’s an American holiday so of course not celebrated here. There is a Thanksgiving dinner held for ex-pats in a few places, but I’ve never gone to one. I get no no time off. Sometimes I will cook a small Thanksgiving dinner for me and Hubby, but not every year. It’s basically a roast dinner anyway and they are served on a weekly basis here!

And then there is Christmas! The Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier every year, it was October this year. Closer to the beginning than the end, too. I love it, though! It gets me into the holiday spirit and I start thinking about what to buy everyone.

So far this year I have already sorted half the presents out, bought cards and wrapping paper and gotten tins of chocolates!

I am planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year just for me and Hubby. This weekend we are going to clean out the closet in the spare room, so poor Hubby has somewhere to hang his clothes! Also need to clear out under that bed and maybe a bit of the garage too. A bit of a spring clean in Autumn!