I like rain more than the average person. I think it comes with depression – to relish things like rain and thunder and crappy weather where you can make an excuse to not go out and hide under the duvet in bed all day.

As much as I like rain, I love sunshine. I’m an ocean lover (I bet you never guessed that about me, huh?) and beach weather is sunshine and heat – lots of it. I know I moved to a country renowned for being rainy and gloomy, but my gosh there has been a lot this year! So today when, as we left the office, it was glorious sunshine and warmth I raced home and am now happily led on my hammock in the back garden soaking up as much warmth as possible before the rain decides to wash it all away again.

Weather affects our moods pretty often, and I’ve noticed that the past few months when it seems it’s been nothing but grey, dismal and wet it’s definitely affected my mood. I feel more sensitive to things that I would normally be okay with and able to cry at a moment’s notice. This is nothing new for me, but the frequency of it is.

And no, I’m not pregnant!

So I’m relishing this sunshine while I have the chance. Our Great British Summer may just be the hour or so I get now so I’m gonna take what I can get!!

I seem to have been very busy lately, but I don’t have a lot to show for it. I’ve been working out a lot and I think today is the first time I’m officially ‘taking off’ for weeks. I feel really tired and a bit drained, not sleeping well and a bit stressed at work so relaxing seems like a good idea for today.

My weekends seem very busy as well, I can’t remember ever having this much going on before! It’s nice to have plans and I’m certainly not complaining and it makes you appreciate the downtime you get a lot more.

Last weekend was especially nice, we had a family wedding and got to spend some quality time with my brother-in-law, his partner and our two nieces and nephew. We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like so it’s really nice when we can spend time with them.

I’d like to make changes in my life, unfortunately life seems to have other plans for me. I can only hope that there’s a reason and something good will happen when I’m finally able to do what I like. (Vague, I know but it’s not something I’m willing to go into detail about yet.)

I seem to be spending less and less time in front of a computer when I’m not working. I like this change, it’s welcome, but there are a lot of things that I’d like to be doing on my computer as well, which I just don’t have the patience for at the moment. Other than quickly browsing some blogs and sites I regularly visit, I just don’t have the patience to do anything that requires effort or time. I haven’t played WoW since before Easter or done any web design or proper updates since before then.

I’m sure I will find the motivation to get back to my ‘fun’ projects at some point. For now I’m just taking the hint that I should be focusing my energy on other things and it’s not the end of the world. Maybe it will lead to something new.

I’m going to go enjoy the sunshine properly now, sans laptop and think about what my future holds. 😉