Wednesday Weigh In

Oooh, it’s the first Wednesday of 2011! I mentioned before that I weighed myself finally on Saturday. Well when I weighed on Saturday I was 221.2 lbs. Not a great start to the year by any means, but I’ve been sick for 3 weeks and done nothing but lay down and drive myself crazy in this house.

I had a massive lie in today and didn’t get up until 12:30, but when I got up, I weighed.

Weight: 219.2

Result: -2 lbs

Woo! I know that some of it will come off quickly anyway now that I’m not eating the crap I was over the holidays and I’m back to working out. But here’s to it continuing.

I haven’t eaten anything yet today and only have 2.5 hours between now and when I have to be at the gym for my weigh in this afternoon. It’s horribly rainy and windy outside today so I’m going to concentrate on cleaning the upstairs for a while before heading to the gym and then the shop to pick up a few things.

The plan for dinner tonight is chilli, but not my normal chilli. I’m going to change it up a bit and do something a bit different, I hope it turns out alright!