Weekend Roundup

My week off work has gone well. I got in lots of rest and got a few things on my list taken care of:

  • Hang up the curtains in the lounge – doing this tomorrow
  • Hang up the pictures in the hall – doing this tomorrow
  • Conjure up an Inspiration Board (a-la Fitnessista style) – I’ve put it together but have 2 free spaces left, so once I fill those in I’ll get pics up.
  • Get my Pali to level 85 – I dinged 85 last night! Then in famous oceanchica style, promptly logged off and went to bed. 😉
  • Clean the whole house (and get rid of a lot of crap) – have cleaned the downstairs, but still have to tackle the bedroom, maybe tomorrow? More likely it will be next week, but must be done by Saturday when our new mattress arrives.
  • See one of my Besties on Friday – Had a lovely catch up and lunch with Ms M yesterday 🙂
  • Get my hair done Saturday – I finally feel normal again and my hair is tidy!
  • Be well rested and refreshed and ready to tackle work when I return next week (and the promptly go to Belfast for an overnighter!) – I got loads of rest. Ready to tackle work though? We’ll see 😉
  • Get back to the gym – I went twice this week and kept up with my SP Bootcamp videos, but could have done better.
  • Start running again – I didn’t do this. I thought about it and think I will wait a few weeks until I get my food under better control and am used to being back at the gym then start. Small steps.

My chilli turned out spicier than it needed to be, but otherwise was extremely yummy and the cornbread was excellent, I made so much that half of it is in the freezer for next time!

Yummy Mexican Chilli w/ Cornbread

I ended up putting sour cream on top of mine to cool it down a bit, but it was still really nice. 🙂

I went shopping on Thursday and managed to bag some bargains in the New Look sale! I wound up with a denim jacket and mini skirt (both for a fiver) and 2 pairs of shoes (both for a tenner). Result!

New Red Shoes 🙂
New Purple Shoes!

I love the bow on the purple shoes, so cute! It’s funny I’m a different shoe size if they are wide width shoes rather than normal width!

Yesterday the sun came out very briefly while we were lunching in Bournemouth, but for the most part it has been miserable for the past 2 months.

Our view of the beach during lunch

It was so lovely to catch up and chat! Although it’s nearly 2 hours to get to her, I love going to see her. <3

Lunch for me was a Chicken & Cinnamon Stir Fry with spring onions, red peppers, pineapple and egg noodles. It was very cinnamon-y and I loved that they did chicken and cinnamon. My dad has been spicing chicken with cinnamon since I was younger and I do it now often. It’s so lush.

Chicken & Cinnamon Stir Fry

They even gave me chop sticks to eat it with, but I’m rubbish with that so didn’t bother! 😉

Today was the first day I saw blue sky and actual sunshine in literally weeks. I had to take a picture:

Sunshine! What's that?

Tomorrow is taking care of the last things I want to do on my list and packing for Belfast! I’m looking forward to getting back to work, into a proper routine again and even going to Belfast. I’ll get to have a catch up with a good friend while I’m there and maybe this time even get a hug! 🙂

But the best thing that happened this week? Two things arrived for me:

CAKE Tickets!
New CAKE Album – Showroom of Compassion

I’m so freakin’ excited to see CAKE live in March!! And the new album (yes, that is signed by the band!) is amazing, as usual. Only 3 months 6 days until me and my mate in Belfast go see them in London.


Hope you all enjoy your weekends! xx