The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

That’s right, folks! It’s December!! This is my favourite month. Always has been, always will be. It’s the month of presents (for me!) since it’s my birthday and Christmas this month.

We’ve had loads of snow/ice already as well, which makes it so much more wonderful. I seem to be in the minority of people who think that, but I don’t care. How can people be so miserable about something that makes the world so pretty?! I don’t get it. Yes it’s cold. It’s winter, that’s the point!

With it being winter and icy out I can’t run. With the Christmas tree up I have no treadmill either, so I really can’t run! Which means I will be doing lots of Jillian Michaels, Wii and DVD workouts instead in the mornings. I should have gotten up this morning, and I could have – I was wide awake at 6, but I didn’t. I’m getting a bit lazy and I can’t let that happen. However, I did go to the gym tonight. I need to go as much as I can this month seeing as I am away so much (3 days this week and 3 next week, then with Christmas and New Year’s holidays…).

I’m back to logging my food, too. I’m trying to be healthier, I know I’ve been on a bit of a bender lately and I don’t like how I’ve felt because of it. I bought some stuff tonight for quick, healthy meals to help. With Hubby working late a lot this week/month I will more than likely be eating before he gets home so I either have things I know he won’t eat (like salmon and prawns) or cook enough for him and he can have it when he gets home (if it’s something he would eat!).

I’m pretty caught up on presents now and cards are all written, but I have so much to post!! The cut off for posting to the States is Thursday so it all has to be sorted by then. Normally I’m more organised than this but with November being the month where I did frak all I’m a little bit behind! I’m hoping Friday I can spend some time shopping in Bournemouth since I’ll be there anyway! Get the last minute stuff I need for Christmas.

Work is crazy busy, I can’t wait for my week off. I need it so badly to recuperate from the past few months before returning and being crazy busy still for a few months. It’s nice being busy, though. There has been so much time where we haven’t been busy that it’s good to have a lot on now.