Busy Bee

Busier than this little bee has ever been! I’m busy still, actually, and hoping things are calm in January. I feel like I need a month or two off from my life right now.

The busy stuff has been good, amazing in fact. But there has been drama and I am NOT happy with drama in my life. So I’m making sure to cut all of the things creating the drama out because I don’t need it.

This month should be good, there’s a lot going on and all of it is FUN, except for someone leaving me at work. Oh, such sad times and I will miss her terribly. ๐Ÿ™ Okay, back to the fun before I get soppy!

You Me At Six and a Girly Night with some friends this week! My birthday and work’s Christmas do and Paris (FINALLY) next week!!!!! Then of course, Christmas. I think it will be just me and Hubby this year and if so that is the first time evar! Which means we can spend all day in bed and no one will care. ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember when I said October would be busy? That all started with the events at work and my having to go to Belfast and London for them. I’m back to that in January, but hopefully it’s not so manic this time. And on the plus side I get to see a friend in Belfast again, who I finally met in person after about 10 years of knowing him online!!

I’ve been busy living my life the past few months. It’s been good and bad but I’ve learned a lot. Especially about who my real friends are. And that is always a good thing to know!