Weighing In

Weigh in time! This morning I was:

Weight: 209lbs

Workouts: Short walk on Sunday, walk & Jillian on Monday, 5k run Tuesday.

Today was also my first weigh in with my doc for the year. My last weigh in with her, before my holiday in the States, was around 97kg. This morning I was 95.9. She was really proud, especially because I managed to lose weight in America. She also measured my waist and I have lost 2cm! So it was a very good appointment and I’m glad I worked hard this week so far to get back on track. My goal for my next appt in 4 weeks is 94.5kg, 208lbs. As long as I work it should be easy.

Having a day off from excercise today – my legs are very sore from Jillian and running!