After we arrived home yesterday Hubby and I pretty much collapsed. I had to have a nap because I couldn’t last until 6pm after being awake since 6am (11am UK time) Monday morning. We ended up ordering Chinese simply because we couldn’t have worked the oven or stove even if we had wanted to. Oh, and we had no food. I finally went to bed at 7:30, Hubby followed about an hour later.

I managed to make a list of everything we needed to get done today before returning to work tomorrow. We have gotten through most of it, which is incredible really. We’ve unpacked (and by “unpacked” I mean the suitcases are empty), gone food shopping and I cashed my birthday check from Hubby’s Gran!

The food shop was an amazing success in my book. We did not buy ANY junk, sweets or soda. The salad veggies are organic where available and I’m really pleased with the choices I’ve made. The meals I’ll be making will be healthy, seasonal and homemade.

Another success was on the scale this morning. I was 96kg (212lbs), which is pretty much exactly what I was before we left in December. On top of this I know I’m currently bloated, so next week it should come down a bit on top of any loss I may have.

I want to find a new workout DVD that I’ll really enjoy. I was looking at the Biggest Loser ones in the US and also Billy Blanks, but I didn’t buy any. I think some review research on Amazon is on the horizon and hopefully I’ll order something soon.

I know I’ve mentioned these before but I want to outline just what my plans, changes I’d like to implement and what goals I’d like to achieve this year are. So here goes:

  • Eat more seasonal foods
  • Eat more organically grown, local foods where possible
  • Exercise at least 6 days a week, including both cardio and strength
  • Keep running and enter some races, up to 10k distance
  • Do one new, challenging or inspiring thing each month
  • Motivate Hubby to exercise more and be healthier
  • Keep the house tidy and organised
  • Recycle more
  • Spend more time outside
  • Spend more quality time with Hubby, family and friends
  • Socialise more (this could possibly fall under my new/challenging thing one month!)
  • Write more (on here and other things) and maybe enter some contests
  • Maybe restart (and actually keep up with!) a Project 365?!

It’s quite a list, but I feel really motivated right now to start fresh and I feel really inspired by all the changes I’ve made so far. Oh and we brought the snow back with us from Maine, it’s crazy! I’m not sure if I’ll even make it to work tomorrow.