As I write this I am flying over the Atlantic back home to the UK. Thankfully, this time I have not cried at all at the thought of leaving the US. In fact, I was very much looking forward to leaving the US and going back to the UK.

This trip has shown me just how much I truly have changed in the last few years. Two years ago, during my last trip to the US, I couldn’t get enough of the foods I missed and all the cheap stuff I could buy (not because I needed it, but because it was cheaper than in the UK). This time I bought very little and did not enjoy most of the food. In fact, the food – no matter how prepared – did not agree with me AT ALL.

Basically, I don’t miss the US anymore. I miss VB, because it was such a pretty place and I love it, but that’s really it. Of course I miss the people, they are the reason I came over in the first place! And it was so lovely to see everyone, especially my family in Maine. It was far too long since my last visit up there. But other than people? The US can keep the food no one should ever be consuming, the big cars, the toilets that have way too much water (seriously, it’s such a waste!) and the malls.

I’m over it.

It is strange because I never thought I would feel this way, but now I do! I’m really looking forward to going home, although apparently we are bringing the cold and snow with us! And I was looking forward to some warmer weather!!