Life After The Flu

I’m finally totally back at work now. I feel like my year is only just starting this week, what with being on holiday and then being sick. Because I was so sick for so long I’m taking some advice I found about working out post-sickness and only doing every other day and no high intensity sessions for the first week.

I’ve been tracking all my food and I’m finding that I’m way under my calorie range every day. I’m not counting calories, I’m not even tracking anything until the next day, but for some reason I always end up under. I’m concentrating on eating what I really want, it just so happens I’ve been really wanting fruit and veggies. Possibly another part of it is my appetite is not big, especially after a week of barely eating any food at all. Today I had Macaroni Cheese for lunch and that’s the most filling thing I’ve had in 2 weeks.

I’m not going to bother tracking my food here, because I do that on SparkPeople already. But I do want to start weekly weigh ins here. I usually weigh in on Saturday, but I think a mid-week weigh in day will be more beneficial and give me something during the week to dread look forward to. So I guess today is as good a day as any, no time like the present and all that! Except I didn’t weigh myself this morning. So I’ll go weigh in a second and then do my first ‘weigh in’ post. My intention with posting my weight here is that I will be motivated enough to ensure I have a loss each week. I don’t want to have to post a gain.

I’m downloading new music, too. I just bought the new 30 Seconds to Mars and Lostprophets albums and the latest Kings of Leon, finally. I’m really looking forward to listening to them!