What a Fun Week…

For the past 7 days I’ve been in bed. Today was the first time I’d gone outside since last Saturday. This is all due to the evil, evil flu that Hubby is convinced we brought back with us from the States. We probably did to be fair. That seems more convincing when my dad was also ill after returning to Hawaii. So yeah, I’ve spent 7 days very sick, in bed, going crazy.

Thankfully I am now better and Hubby is a few days behind me. Some things I’ve come to realise during my quarantine:-

  • Our bed SUCKS and if I don’t get a new one soon I’ll end up killing someone.
  • The flu is an excellent form of weight loss, 6lbs in 7 days. You can’t beat it.
  • I like having variety in the way of reading. If I’m stuck with just one book you can guarantee it will be one I’m NOT in the mood for.
  • I’m useless at cleaning when ill. OK, I’m almost useless at cleaning when healthy, but especially so when I’m sick.
  • Fevers cause crazier than usual-crazy dreams in which I’m 9 months pregnant and about to marry Hubby but my Dad has refused to attend so I have no one to walk me down the aisle and the one person I ask refuses so I call it all off. And then no one comes looking for the nearly in labor bride-to-be! I mean honestly, what is wrong with people?

Anyway, I’m glad to be feeling better and hopefully the last remnants of it will go soon (a very stubborn cough that is annoyingly affecting my ability to take deep breaths) and I’ll be 100% again. Also, I’m totally hoping I don’t gain all those 6lbs back when I start eating again! I have a weigh in soon you know.