I had a plan. I liked my plan. My plan was going to work! And then it went dark…

That’s right, we had a power cut this morning! My plan is this:

  • Strength Training in the mornings, 5x a week
  • Cardio in the evenings, 6 x a week

So I managed to pull myself out of the nice, fluffy, warm comfort of my bed this morning at 6:17am to start this plan. I grabbed my yoga pants and headed out into the hall, leaving hubby to sleep soundly for another half hour. I go into the bathroom and attempt to turn the light on. Nada. Zip. No dice!

Hubby decided it was my destiny to not work out this morning. I went along with that and hopped back into my warm bed. Fifteen minutes later I started getting paranoid (as you do) thinking about how we can’t get ready for work if there’s no power… I can’t do my hair! Oh no!!!!!!!!! So I send hubby on an excursion to see if the box says anything. It doesn’t, the power is definitely out. On his way back up the stairs it miraculously came on again! Woohoo!

Of course by now it’s too late to do my workout so we stay in bed a bit longer. He finally manages to pull himself out of bed at 6:45 and showers. He kindly sets his phone alarm for 7:15 for me. I get up when the alarm goes off and am a little bit miffed about not being able to start my plan today. I’m thinking it’s really okay, I can just do it all tonight. No! I have my hair colour to do tonight! Bugger.

Then! (Nope, that’s not all…) As I was ironing my favourite trousers there was a rouge string. I pulled it. (Never pull the string!) Off came the whole bloody string holding up one of the cuffs at the bottom of one of the legs. Gah!

So no exercise for me today. No favourite trousers for me today. My lunch hour was spent going into town to get more hair dye. But thankfully I made a huge salad last night which I was able to have for lunch today so I’m being good with that! There is even a little bit left over from that, which will be useful for my dinner tonight when I get home, along with some chicken satay skewers I picked up at Sainsburys.

I really liked my plan and was actually out of bed ready to start it! Now I have to wait until tomorrow. 🙁

The goal with this plan is to lose 2lbs/week. That way by the time we go on holiday in May I will be very close to 200lbs (maybe even under if I work really hard)! If I can continue to lose 2lbs/week (I do realise this isn’t always possible, believe me) I could very nearly be my goal weight for my birthday in December. This year is going to be tough but I’m willing to put the work in to get as close to my goal as possible before going to the States (and being 30).