Sunny days chasing the clouds away…

The weather has been absolutely sublime the past few days. Warm, sunny and not at all like winter! I love all the seasons, when one is over I’m ready for the next but I can’t help but feel so much happier during Spring. Everything gets brighter and you just want to be outside (for once) to enjoy it.

It also makes me really miss the beach. These are the days I would drive to the beach on my lunch hour and just enjoy the sun and salty breeze. I miss it so much it hurts! The simple act of being able to drive down the road and be within sight of the ocean, even for just a few moments, made me happier than nearly anything else ever could. I so miss it.

The beloved 14th Street Pier in Virginia Beach
The beloved 14th Street Pier in Virginia Beach


In non-weather news, I’m finally feeling much better and hardly coughing at all anymore. I had already made the decision to start running again last night (and was thankful hubby was home to make me do it as I was probably capable of talking myself out of it) so picked back up where I left off last week – Week 4 of the Couch to 5K program.

Oof! It was harder than it was before, probably due to not doing any exercise for 2 weeks, but I got through it. I certainly am much stronger than I used to be and that makes me so proud.