I’ve been really obsessed this past week, on the one hand I had my weigh in Thursday night and on the other next week I have to start running for 5 minutes at a go! With the former over and done with the latter took over and I am so determined to not let my mind tell me I can’t do it anymore! Last night I made a decision! Instead of running my last Week 3 run, I did a Week 4 run! The Week 4 runs consist of:

  1. 5 min warm up walk
  2. 3 min run
  3. 90 sec walk
  4. 5 min run
  5. 2.5 min walk
  6. 3 min run
  7. 90 sec walk
  8. 5 min run

I’ve never done this week before, I only got to week 3 the last time I did it. After the first 5 minute run I had to stop walking for about 45 seconds because I burst into tears! To say I’m proud of myself for achieving this thing I had nearly convince myself I could never do is a total understatement! The second 5 minutes was a bit harder, which is expected, and I had to rest for 20 seconds in the middle but I finished it.


I finally know without any doubts that this is all me. I can do whatever I want, need or have to do. I am so much stronger than I’ve ever been and when I go back to the States in December I will be a completely different person – inside and out!


Oh, and I so need to get the last month worth of P365 photos on… bah!