Tired Randomness

I’m very tired today! So tired, in fact, that I’m contemplating skipping my workout tonight and doing it tomorrow instead. I’ll have to see how I am when I get home, but even just the thought of having a night off sounds wonderful. (It sounds like I’ve made my mind up already, doesn’t it?)

I’m going to make a chicken pasta bake tonight! I’m excited about this because it will be my first time doing a pasta bake.

My home PC is full of viruses (virii?) and needs a re-format and re-install but I’m enjoying not being able to use a computer at home for a bit, so not in any rush to do it.

I have Friday the 13th off work now, which I’m looking forward to for many reasons – most of which, unfortunately, have to do with errands and housework.

We’ve finally decided to go visit hubby’s brother and co and meet our nephew! He’ll be just over 2 months old by the time we go, but I’m nervous and excited to see him (I aways get nervous around babies I haven’t met yet).