Utter Shite!

Hubby had a sore throat last Wednesday. That was my last day at work until today! He passed it on to me but instead of having a sore throat and sinus infection like him, I ended up with a very nasty case of Bronchitis and have been clutching my inhaler like mad for the past 6 days. It didn’t help that I could not sleep, no matter what. I knew that if I could just get some decent sleep I would feel much better, but my body wouldn’t have that. Sunday night I managed to take some sleeping pills and get a little bit of sleep, but it wasn’t great. I did feel better for having it, though! Last night I managed to sleep most of the night so today feel much, much better and am back at work, coughing and spluttering all over everyone!

So other than feeling completely crap the last 6 days I haven’t done a lot. I updated the site a bit, reformatted my PC after we got rid of all the viruseseses, watched a lot of TV, including the whole first 2 seasons of 30 Rock – which I loved. Now Hubby has my chest infection and is home feeling crap. Poor Hubby! I’m just glad I’m off Friday!

Oh and in other news I had an amazing text last night from Facebook. I had a message from someone looking for me! The amazing part of that this is someone I’ve been looking for, too! She was my best friend when I was living in Florida and I’m so happy and was so excited last night I had to force myself to relax so I could get to sleep!

And also, I haven’t worked out since the 3rd, but from what I’ve just been reading as I have a chest infection it’s pretty much off limits until I feel better or can manage to actually take a deep breath without choking. Stupid chronic asthmatic bronchitis.