You’ve Gotta Stand For Something Or You’ll Fall For Anything

I feel like screaming, crying, drinking, pouting, smiling and giving up all at once! Man, us woman can multi-task!!

Everything is so crazy right now, I can’t wrap my head around it. Just when I feel like things are starting to calm down a bit and I can keep it under control something new springs up. 99% of that is about work, the other bit is just life. I just feel so busy lately and haven’t had a chance to come to grips with everything going on.

I’ve discovered that when people aren’t around to watch me eat, I eat worse than I would normally. I also notice I’m going towards foods I haven’t eaten in over a month, I think due to the stress I’m feeling! This is about the time I would start sabotaging any good things I’ve been doing and it’s VERY difficult to see it happening and try to stop it. I have my next appointment next Thursday, the 4th. I have to keep that in mind and keep choosing good foods and doing the work outs, even when all I want to do to is go to bed and sleep! LOTS.

I don’t think I’ll hit my goal next week (-5 lbs) but if it’s over 2 I’ll be very pleased. I know there have been days when I could have done better, so I’m just waiting to see what the doc will say when she sees my logs.

I’ve decided I want to go to Edinburgh for my birthday! I haven’t been to Scotland, yet, so am very excited about it. Every day I get hopefull that when I open the door and the post is there my passport will be back with me along with a letter saying I’ve been granted British citizenship! It hasn’t happened yet (and current waiting times expect I won’t see anything until December). 🙁