I said I would update later and it’s later!

Last week we were on holiday. We went to Kent – Ramsgate to be specific – to visit my brother-in-law and his fiance & her girls. It was really great! We went to Dover one day, Dover itself is absolute crap, but the White Cliffs are amazing and give you a beautiful picture of the Channel, countryside and we could see France (barely)! We went to Canterbury on the way home, which was incredible. It resembles Salisbury (to me anyway) with the cobbled roads and the Cathedral (which was bigger than Salisbury’s!).

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary, which weather-wise was crap, but the important thing was that we were together and not working. I didn’t let the rain get to me and overall it was a very good day.

Thursday we went back to the doctor. This was the (real!) first appointment for me – I saw the right person this time! She is really nice and I liked her a lot which helped.

The reason I’m going to the doctor is for my weight! She will be reviewing my progress over the next year or so. I’ve been trying on my own for the past 11 months to lose weight without any lasting results. This is probably because my exercise is OK for a few weeks and then I stop, because I end up going back up or not seeing results, so I then start to eat badly and it goes round and round in that cycle! If I’m seeing her every few weeks to a) see what I’m eating, b) see what exercise I’m doing and c) getting weighed I know I’ll stick with it. Then if I don’t see results or go back up we can look at what caused it or do tests if something might be wrong!

I want to lose 8 stone (112 pounds) so it will take a little longer than a year if all goes to plan. I also mentioned to her that we do want to start trying for children next year (ish) but obviously I want to be fit and healthy before I go down that road.

So I’m seeing her again in just under 3 weeks, on the 4th of September. She says I should have lost 2-4 lbs in that time. I have no excuses now so am motivated to do the exercise and eat the right foods. Hopefully it will pay off!