Everyone is addicted to something. I’m addicted to lots of things, most of which aren’t dangerous. The beach, Starbucks (when I’m near one I just have to have one), music, certain TV shows, and occasionally shopping.

Shopping! When I lived on my own I went shopping at least once a week. I had the disposable income to pay my credit cards and go shopping. I so miss that! Since I’ve lived here I don’t go shopping often. No disposable income. *sniffle* This year alone I’ve gone shopping (spent days out shopping just to shop, not picking up one or two things at a time) twice. In January I spent a day shopping for dresses. Special occasion dresses, so not every day shopping! Today I went out shopping. I love trolling through stores on my own finding things I love. I don’t love trying them on, but does any girl? I love going through a store, picking up everything I like then going to the fitting rooms. I’ll spend ages in there deciding what I’ll actually buy but it’s well worth it! And oh, the shoes!! Lovely.

Getting hair done later. As much as I love Dirt I’m wishing this episode would hurry up and end so I can play Harry Potter. I love days off too!