Done, Dusted and DRAINED

I am so very tired. Just the thought of having to do anything that requires me to move hurts. I think I will be going home in 20 minutes and going to bed for a nap!

In completely related news, the reason I’m so bloody tired is we got up at 4AM on Wednesday morning and went to Croydon for my Settlement Visa appointment. Which I got, of course! I’ve never had any problems or even any real questions about any of my Visa applications, for which I’m very proud as I owe it all to my being organized and prepared. Thankfully this is the last one I’ll have to have and the next step if I wish to do so would be to apply for UK Citizenship after April 2008 when I will eligible for it.

My car is making a squeaking/ticking noise by the front passenger tire that I need to have looked at (hopefully tomorrow) and Monday I have off, yay! Hubby has to work, haha. It will be nice to have a day to myself and he suggested I do some painting as I’ve left it and haven’t started the upstairs bit of hallway since I stopped painting in May or something. Sleeping sounds more fun at the moment, though… I’d go shopping as I do need some things but without the money to spend I feel awful racking up credit cards on clothes and shoes! Sigh.