We have had snow the past two days! A couple of inches yesterday which melted away by the afternoon and a dusting this morning which turned into rain and is now a muddy slush. Ah well, it was pretty yesterday!

I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. Most about things I used to do, things I did, music I listened to, etc. I wonder when I got old enough to think back that far. How did I get here? It’s been HOW LONG since those days?! Bloody hell… So I’m attempting a tiny bit to get something back from those “good ol’ days” – my hubby gave me an old box to let me play with Linux on. I get to spend this weekend installing it and playing! And during that time I intend to go through all my old CDs and listen to the ones I have missed.

Hubby and I both went on a diet, he’s losing weight like crazy and I’m just stubbornly staying where I am (at least I’m not gaining!). So I started doing some toning at night during the adverts on TV (so I don’t feel like crap ‘cuz I’ve done nothing!), just crunches this week (100 at a time – 4 sets of 25 for each area) and today I went for a 45 minute walk at lunch (in the cold rain, but I felt great afterwards!).