Love Matters

I am in the throes of emotional fatigue. The onslaught of horrific news, work stress, and some other triggers are just piling up and, try as I might, I can’t seem to do much but keep my head just above water from it all.

Outside of the news bombarding everyone, I know that eventually things will calm down at work or I’ll figure out a way to deal with it, and that the other stuff is only momentary in the grand scheme of things. Doesn’t make it easier right this second, though.

But right now I’m not here for that. Tonight I want something positive, uplifting, beautiful to go out. So I’m going to write about love.

I’ve been thinking about love the last week, sparked by a comment made in jest by Hubby last week after I spent some time with a good friend, and all the different ways you can love. Love isn’t just one thing or for one person. Love is everywhere. We had a conversation about love, following all the thinking I’ve been doing. We rattled off names of people in our life that we love.

I love all the individuals that mean so much to me fiercely, and separately. No love that I feel for someone is the same as any other love I feel for another individual. That’s the most amazing thing about it! The meaning is the same, but it’s also very specific to that individual, thing, situation, circumstance.

When someone speaks of ‘true love’ you tend to assume they mean a partner or romantic interest. I have many true loves, each with their own circumstances. Soul mates I’d argue are the same; I have many! It’s the people that are meant to be in your life, the ones you are drawn to and, for me, the ones I instantly feel a connection to in some way. Whether it’s bonding over geeky stuff, sharing music you love, or a deeper connection.

Basically what I’m trying to say is this: you can love all you want, as many people as necessary to fill your heart, as many things that make you gush with joy, all at the same time. Loving more than one person doesn’t lessen the love you feel for other people.

Love is limitless and right now the world needs more of it.

Seeing people I love go through heartache because they don’t get the love they feel they deserve hurts. I want to hug them so tightly and show them how much love there is, hoping one day they feel as loved as they wish. I know I’m blessed to have all this love in my life, I know not everyone has that.

Don’t worry, I’m still as sarcastic as moody as I’ve always been but I love all the people in my life who have shown me I have a spark that makes them smile. Their sparks make me smile, too.