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Cancer Update

Since my post in April I’ve had my 6 month check up following my hysterectomy. Everything is super duper and I’m doing great post op.

The oncologist on my case did mention the possibility of getting tested for Lynch Syndrome, probably due to the ineffectiveness of the hormone treatment. I have yet to make the decision. Lynch Syndrome is a genetic condition that basically puts you at a much higher risk of getting colon cancer and some other cancers – endometrial cancer being the second common. Getting tested for it won’t change anything and only gives an indication that I could be at risk for colon cancer and would possibly get screened for it so it could be caught early. Neither my consultant or the other consultant who dealt with my surgery believe me to be at risk for anything right now so I’m not worried either.

Since my hysterectomy I’ve focused on my physical recovery, my return to work, and mainly focused on positive things in my personal life.

The one thing I know I haven’t worked through properly yet is never having children. I haven’t intentionally ignored that fact, but it is something I haven’t dwelled on and I’ve side stepped dealing with it by focusing on the positive things about not having kids – having a lie in, freedom to do what we want, etc. I have recognised I do need to confront it and deal with it. Mother’s Day here in the UK was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. It also showed me that some people are just incapable of showing support or empathy and honestly, I don’t have time for so-called friends to try to make me feel worse and make what I’m going through about them.

Some advice:

  • Do the things you love
  • Spend time with your favourite people
  • Celebrate every day
  • Let go of things and people that don’t make you happy
  • Remember that what others think of you doesn’t matter

Enjoy your life!! Nothing is worth making yourself miserable. Life’s way too short.