I feel the good times coming

Good Times

Hey lovelies! It’s been a while and I’m sorry! But I’m here to give a quick update.

I’m feeling a lot better. I have been on my second round of iron tablets and they’ve done the trick! I’m almost done with them and then back to see the doc, but all should be okay then. The first round pulled me out of the anaemic stage, but I was still pretty low within the normal range, hence the second round.

So that’s good news! I even started working out again (woohoo!) and then I got a nasty cold from a colleague at work (boo!) and the last two weeks have been spent feeling really crappy and getting over that.

But I’m determined to get back on track. This whole anaemia thing has seriously done a number on me and I’ve put on a bit of weight and feel rubbish. You know it’s bad when none of your clothes fit!

I’ll be back on the 90 Day Plan properly next week, now that I finally have a new tape measure so I can do measurements again (eek!).

But in the meantime my time is being spent listening to 90s music, tidying the house for a weekend of best friend time, and not dwelling on the bad things. Today the weather is beautiful and I’m going to play with fire later! 🙂