Travel Wardrobe


With my upcoming trip to the States I’m always thinking about outfits that will be good to travel with. I like to travel light (Hubby may disagree slightly, but I’m not that bad really!) so I try to take the necessities and as little as I can get away with of anything else.

When we go on holiday to Majorca or somewhere similar it’s easy. A few bikinis, some cover ups, some dresses, sandals, and a couple beauty essentials and I’m done. A weekend away is the same, if I can get away with wearing an outfit twice, I will.

So for a week away in October to a place that will be considerably warmer than my usual climate at that time of year? At least I can get away with the same wardrobe I’ve been wearing all summer so that’s easy. But I don’t want to bring potentially 15 different outfits with me.

I’m a dress girl. I didn’t use to be so much, but the past few years I have definitely taken a turn from trousers and jeans. I prefer dresses and skirts and the flexibility. I’m sure a number of dresses will be travelling with me. Stuff I can play with and change up if needed. But what else? I want stuff that will be comfy and I’ll be confident in.

So I’ve been perusing my favourites from Pinterest… I love these ideas:



Simple, classic but versatile. I have most of these pieces in my wardrobe, too! The most important outfits will be the ones for my travelling days. This is why I’m pretty stoked that leggings are a thing now because wearing jeans, no matter how worn in and comfy they are, for an 8 hour flight? Nope.

I already have some things in mind so hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll whittle my ideas down to something that isn’t going to break my back in a suitcase! 🙂

Have any travel staples or ideas for me? Let me know in the comments! x