Happy Autumn!

Welcome to Autumn!

I love a good bank holiday weekend. Life has gotten pretty busy the last month and this past weekend was one of two weekends we have free until November 7th. Crazy!

I personally revelled in having no plans. We were possibly going to see friends but they weren’t feeling great which meant we had absolutely no plans at all. It was productive in an introverted kinda way.

  • I baked 2 very similar cakes for taste testing purposes. Cinnamon Roll Cake is my new favourite thing. It’s dangerous how good it is.
  • We did all of our washing, except towels and sheets.
  • We watched almost half the first season of Deep Space 9, as I continue making my way through all of the Star Trek series. DS9 growing on me, but Enterprise is my favourite by far so far.
  • We played a lot of World of Warcraft and Plague Inc. I’m having my first go at a shaman. I’m so used to a paladin or death knight that I have to fight the urge to go up and hit things!

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend. 🙂

On a quick music note… Something else that’s pretty awesome is Ella Eyre’s debut album, Feline. I’ve been a fan of her (and Rudimental) since seeing them at a gig a few years ago. Be warned, some of the songs are explicit, but it’s such a great album and she wrote the songs herself.

I am home today and when I saw the hubby off for work earlier it felt distinctly Autumn-y outside. I loved it! What I can’t quite wrap my head around is that the average temperatures in Virginia in October when I visit are pretty much what our summers are here,  21c (70f). I feel like I hit the weather jackpot by moving to the UK!

Today was the first day it hasn’t rained in what feels like forever so I sat outside for a bit at lunch. It’s gorgeous out and a lush 17c (62f). It’s a shame I can’t work on my laptop outside.

I haven’t made chilli yet, that’s on the list for this month definitely! But today I do have a chicken and turkey chipotle concoction in the slow cooker for dinner later. It smells delish! I have a bag of polenta that needs to be used before October so lots of cornbread is in this chica’s future!

Happy Autumn! xx