Yesterday we had family friends over to see the new digs and, thankfully, the weather held out long enough to have a BBQ and sit outside for a bit.

Today is the first Sunday we have had free for a while so I took the opportunity to do food prep for the week. I’m in the middle of The Body Coach‘s 90 Day Shift, Shape, Sustain (SSS) Plan and well… the last few weeks I’ve not been doing it (at all) even though I started Cycle 3 a week or two prior to that and was nearly done! I feel like I’ve taken a massive step backward and just need to get myself back in the game mentally. So I’m revisiting Cycle 1 for 2 weeks before I hit Cycle 3 again and I’ll finish just before I head to the States.

Perfect timing, and good for keeping me on track!

So yes, today was food prep. I made the menu easy so managed a batch of turkey (since I don’t eat a lot of beef) and chicken sausage casserole and 2 batches of chicken cashew curry.

Chicken Cashew Curry
Turkey & Chicken Sausage Casserole

I also made Chinese spiced chicken for salads. And because I had a baking bug today, I made a cake and strawberry icing w/ meringues (which is way too sweet and quite sickly if I say so myself!).

Cake and Strawberry Reduction
Cake and Strawberry Reduction

The casserole and curry make 4 meals each (lunches and dinners respectively), plus 2 salads. The rest of the week will include chicken stir-fry, chicken satay, salmon teriyaki (or tuna for Mr Oceanchica), bagels and smoothies for breakfasts and nuts, fruit and protein shakes for snacks! I’m not mentioning the mountain of greens with every meal either… It’s a lot of good, clean food!

I’m steering clear of the cake, that’ll be for Mr Oceanchica to enjoy – probably without the icing knowing him!

Hope everyone has a great week!