Lahndahn, baby!

If you read the previous post then you know last week was my 10th wedding anniversary and I have the best husband (and friends) in the world. After the madness that was last week and the whole present situation (which I’m still shocked by, for real though) we spent the weekend in London, just the two of us (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

We headed off to the train station Friday night stopping off to get some things on the way… at this point Mr Oceanchica (that’s his official name now I love it so much) realises he doesn’t have his debit card… and is incredibly reluctant to drive home to get it so guess who’s paying for everything all weekend? This chica! (Yikes!)

Anywho, we got the train, got to Waterloo and made our way to the Waldorf Hilton. We got upgraded to a deluxe room which was big and with the upgrade we got access to the Executive Lounge, which I will admit I’ve never used before, even when I had access to it! The plan on Saturday was to get up at 8, make it to breakfast, and then head to Camden for 10am…

But I was feeling very chill about the whole weekend, the only set plan we had was for afternoon tea on Sunday so I didn’t really care about rushing around. So instead of the initial plan we started walking around half 10 and stopped off at a Starbucks for breakfast and coffee, we actually sat down inside (just beating the rush, we are trendsetters I’m telling you!) and took our time. After being caffeinated we walked down along the Thames for a bit and then got the tube to Camden Town to walk around the market.


I have a friend at work who is from London and speaks very highly of Camden Market and the whole vibe… and I could definitely see why. I loved it. We went to Camden Lock and meandered the maze that is the market for a good few hours. I bought a corset with proper little locks on the front. Bestill my steampunk powered heart! We sat on the canal for a bit to get some air, then headed back to find food. I had some yummy mac & cheese and Mr Oceanchica had a burrito, I swear he is obsessed. Then we headed back to the hotel for some rest.

Later on we headed out in search of yet more Mexican food, because it’s what we live on, and had a meal at Lupita. Their Artisan Guacamole, made right at your table in front of you, is for serious the best guac I think I’ve ever had. We had a really enjoyable meal and lots of cocktails. So. Good.

Best. Guac. Ever.
Best. Guac. Ever.

Sunday we managed to actually get up early (7am is seriously early for a Sunday, or any day really) and made it to the Executive Lounge for breakfast, again beating the rush and being trendsetters (or maybe just having really good timing? I’mma go with trendsetters…). We had breakfast, learned how to work the coffee machine and I read the paper. So sophisticated! Then we went back to the room to chill out before checking out and slowing walking to The Dorchester for our afternoon tea.

We walked along the Thames for a bit, then down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace and through Green Park. We were pretty lucky weather wise, it was nice out both days and we didn’t get rained on! We were early for our tea so sat for a bit enjoying the lush surroundings. Then we got seated.

Now we had the Dom Pérignon Afternoon Ice Cream Tea and OH. MY. It was so amazing. Started off with a glass of Dom (so good.), finger sandwiches and canapés (first time I’ve ever had caviar and it was nice!). They come back to offer you more sandwiches – you keep getting more until you say no basically! After we were done with the first course we had a palette cleanser – chocolate mousse with salted caramel – and then on to the scones and cakes. By this time we had finished the champagne and were on the tea. I had vanilla tea and Mr Oceanchica had espresso and then filter coffee, he’s not a tea person.

The scones were nice, I normally don’t have clotted cream on them, but I couldn’t not have it at The Dorchester, you know? And I even tried the rhubarb jam, never having tried rhubarb before. I prefer strawberry, but the rhubarb wasn’t bad! And the cakes… so many cakes.

We were asked at one point if we were celebrating anything, and as we were I told them we were celebrating our 10th anniversary. At the end when we were done and told them no, we couldn’t possibly have any more of anything… they brought out a special celebration cake with candles! It looked amazing and they let us take it with us. We ate it later and it was pretty incredible as far as chocolate cake/mousse/glaze goes.


My first afternoon tea earlier this year was really nice, but this one… it has absolutely spoilt me for afternoon tea now. And Mr Oceanchica enjoyed it as well! That’s always a win.

We headed back, waddled really, we were both so full, and then headed home (getting burritos for dinner later on the way). I got complimented on my hair colour in Waterloo station by a lovely guy who was really nice and then we got the train and collapsed, exhausted, at home.

It was by far the best time I’ve spent in London ever. So laid back and chill with that hint of luxury and sophistication, which matches me I think. A bit of punk and pearls… 🙂



2 responses to “Lahndahn, baby!”

  1. It certainly sounded like you had a wonderful time, I am so glad your time in London went well. I am so happy for the both of you and proud of everything you have achieved. Both you and Darren are very driven and focused. You are heded in the right direction for sure, I could not be prouder.

    Love Dad

    1. Love you! 🙂