Purple today, gone tomorrow

We all know I like to change it up rather frequently when it comes to my hair.

Cut or colour, I’ve pretty much had everything under the sun!

Last month I went purple. I was going for the pastel, lilac colour so my stylist just covered it in straight purple dye. It came out pretty dark and soon faded to what I wanted.

Faded to lilac. (Excuse the squints, it was bright outside!)

My intention was for the purple to be a phase between blonde and going darker but, well, all the purple did was teach me that I am NOT ready to go dark and I want my blonde back.

Back to the blonde bombshell!

It came out pretty well considering my roots had been having darker colour put on for a while and my stylist as 4 weeks to decide how to get it as light as possible when I go back in October!