It’s been a long road

Getting from there to here… (I have to apologise, we have been watching Star Trek: Enterprise and I always have the song stuck in my head! Fitting though…)Orchids

Anywho! We’re in!!!! We got the keys, as planned, on 27th March 2015. We’ve spent nearly every day since then (about a week and a half now) unpacking, trying to find homes for things, buying stuff we needed, and having a lot of visitors.

But we’re here. It doesn’t quite feel real yet for me. I think because I’m not in a normal work-cook-sleep-repeat routine. It’s felt like I’m on holiday somewhere and I’ll be going home before I go back to work… but this is my home!

The house is big. It’s funny how I thought the rooms could be small when, now that we are in, there is plenty of room. Seeing people’s faces when they come in and see the house is great. We always save downstairs for last and they always have the same reaction – jaws drop and eyes widen. The kitchen and family room are pretty impressive on their own! It’ll be more impressive when we decide what to do with the garden and have it done. Looking out onto dirt… well it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as a nice garden has does it? 😉

We’ve managed to purchase all of the big items we needed. The fridge/freezer was delivered 2 days after we got the keys. For the lounge we found a really comfy leather corner sofa that was on offer, not the colour we were hoping for but the price was right and included a matching chair and foot stool, that’s being delivered today (I’m way too old to be sitting on the floor these days, so I’m thankful I don’t have to any longer!). The bed for the master bedroom is coming at the end of the month (it’s so pretty!), and blinds will be fitted the day before the bed arrives! The blinds will finally add a touch of colour to most of the rooms and I’ll get to work on decorating ideas around what palettes I’d like to use for each area. Proper decorating is a long way off yet, so I have a lot of time to decide what I’d like to do.

It’s always surprising how fast you can spend money during a move. I have a lot of projects I want to do, but in the meantime I’ll have to wait for funds. It gives me time to come up with ideas and plan what I’d like to do. I’m excited to get some of my ideas on paper! Now that I’m in and can visualise what I want rather than just imagine it in my head, it will be a lot easier to decide!

But for now? I’ll be content with organising what I’ve got and learning how to take care of orchids!



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  1. Miss Milligan Avatar
    Miss Milligan

    Yes! So pleased you’re in & a great start to a new chapter! I hear plastic orchids are easier! 😉