T-5 days

So close! On Friday (27 March 2015) we will be (FINALLY) completing and getting the keys to our new house! What does that mean?

  • 5 days until we move
  • 4 days until we have our first peek at what all of our options look like inside
  • 3 days until I pack up our kitchen and the last bits around the house
  • 2 days left of working within 10 miles of home

I don’t have a 1 🙁 I should have thought this through better…

We spent the day yesterday going to pretty much every shop known to man. We looked at every sofa, bed, and Samsung fridge/freezer there was. Thankfully it wasn’t all for nothing.

We found the fridge freezer we want in John Lewis! Finally able to see it in person was nice. We’ll definitely be getting it now that we have seen it. Note to self: don’t take the ice bucket out in the shop… it took 3 people 5 minutes to figure out how it went back in (it is easy though lol)! 😉 The one we want isn’t on their website, but it’s this one.

We managed to find a bed Hubby didn’t hate (a huge improvement over non-committal shrugs or grunts). Although to get the size he wants it means the wardrobe will be the 4th bedroom?! But hey, at least there will be room for all my clothes and shoes… We’ll see when we’re in.

Sofas… who knew choosing a sofa was so much work. Hubby can’t be bothered bless him, and I want a corner one that will offer a bit more seating room. Then we found this one. It ticks the leather box for Hubby and the corner box for me (although I wanted more of a chaise lounge corner than a proper corner, but oh this is SO COMFY!) and it comes in grey which I want. Our only issue? It’s a bit bigger than I was hoping to get. But once we are in the house and can measure properly, if it fits in I’m pushing for it because did I mention it’s COMFY?

In Ikea I got to look at the bookcases I was eyeing up online. At first I was looking at these, to get a bit of colour in the room. But I saw n example where someone used these ones and I loved the configuration. It’s just want I want to do, but without the pop of colour. I can bring in colour in many ways!

My first projects after we are in is to refinish 2 wood items for the kitchen. I can’t wait!