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Moving is stressful, I know this. I didn’t expect this time to be quite as stressful as it has been, though. It’s been almost as bad as my move from the US to the UK. The differences are marginal at best. The last one, into our rental, was easy peasy. I guess I expected the same this time around.

My body is only just recovering from the stress a month later. The new commute and routine is taking me a while longer to get used to than I had expected. An hour commute each way is pretty tiring, no matter how much you like to drive.

My motivation to do anything other than spend way too much money is all but completely gone. I’m happy taking walks when we manage to push ourselves out the door to do it, but otherwise? Not much going on.

I need a push, a prod, someone/thing to hold me accountable and get me going. I’ve been following The Body Coach and getting inspired. But I know I need to be held accountable right now. I know I could do it myself if I put the effort in to plan properly, but I just don’t have the energy for that. I need to be told just what to do, eat, etc for a while. So I signed up today! If I can just follow a plan then I don’t have to think so much and it will be easier for me to push past this wall. And well, if I get even some of the amazing results that the transformations show… I’ll be a happy chica.

Knowing I’ve paid for it will help hold me accountable, I’m not about to waste money when I could be spending it on stuff for the house. So I’ve signed up and submitted my questionnaire! I am feeling apprehensive and excited to find out what the plan exactly will entail, but mostly looking forward to gaining a new perspective and doing something good for myself. I have to admit, taking the photos tonight I wasn’t that happy. Then Hubby and I went for a long walk and when we got back I wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat loads and I feel like that little step of going for a walk and not eating until I’m stuffed is a great thing.

I’m also attending Be:Fit London on Friday with the bestie. It looks like it will be great motivation and we’ll get lots of inspiration – and a massage! – to lift our spirits and get us revved up! <3

With life being turned around lately it will be nice to have something to ground  me for a few months and focus my energy on – other than decorating the house of course!