Blinds, beds, and books, oh my!

Friday marked 4 weeks in the new abode! It went quick didn’t it?

Today marks the day we get the last of the big stuff done – blinds fitted and our new bed delivered! It’s weird how much a lack of blinds or any window treatments can affect how settled you feel. I’m already feeling better about things now that there are blinds on the windows.

I mean look at these in the kitchen, they are pretty cool! And I LOVE the colour!!


And we are finally able to use our master bedroom! It’s just been empty since we moved in… very unsettling if you ask me. But the new bed is epic and I’m excited to sleep in it tonight. I have to literally CLIMB into the bed it’s that high. I love it.


I get a 4 day weekend this weekend, what?! After spending the day in London Friday, we’ll be heading to IKEA to purchase bookcases (YAY!!!!!!) and a dressing table (DOUBLE YAY!!!!!!!). I’ll be geeking out all bank holiday weekend after that – unpacking books and make up.

You have no idea how happy that makes me! I can’t wait to share photos of the finished projects!