Vanity Wednesdays: Confidence

I think I’ve finally hit my stride.

My early 20s were full of (somewhat) reckless abandon and not caring about what anyone thought about what I was doing or how I looked. I took that confidence for granted.

My late 20s/early 30s were more sedate, especially in the confidence department. I didn’t care about what others thought and still did my own thing, but I toned it down quite a bit. Partly because of being uncomfortable in my own skin and partly because I was kind of starting over. Moving to a new country at 25 does take a toll.

Coming up to my mid-30s now and I’m finally starting to not only walk with my head held a bit higher, but also gain the confidence I had in my 20s but seemed to let fall away over the last decade.

And let me tell you, it feels good!

The last couple of weeks since moving into our rental home I’ve noticed a difference in my body (it’s all the stairs I know it!) and I’m benefiting from the differences I notice in a big way. I’m liking my body more, it’s not how I want it to be forever, but I love myself more and the skin I’m in.

Yesterday was a prime example of this newfound confidence. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror yesterday morning whilst getting ready for work (or taking selfies!). I was so confident I decided to wear a dress I love, but have only worn once due to it being a bit shorter than I’m usually comfortable wearing.

And I left my legs bare!*

And you know what? It was fine. I felt good all day and didn’t care if anyone thought it was too short for me (including myself!).


Dress: Simply Be (belt included), Shoes: Clarks

I feel like as I get older I am becoming more and more at ease with who I am. It takes a long time to figure out who you are and I’m enjoying the journey and learning more about myself along the way!

*This is a big deal because normally I would  never go bare legged in a shorter dress. I’m happy to wear tights with them (you can’t see all the bumps then!).