Beautiful Fridays: A Hair Raisin’ Idea (& LOTS of pics!)

I started getting grey hair when I was in middle school, so about 12 years old. My natural hair colour is very dark brown, so it was quite noticeable and everyone would comment on it.

I used to tell the other kids it was Halloween hair spray that hadn’t washed out…

Jump ahead to 16 year old me, and my dad finally caved and let me dye my hair – as long as it was close to my natural colour. Before he could change his mind me and a friend were at the shop buying hair colour. I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve gone through one phase where I didn’t colour my hair for a few months and the amount of grey is incredibly visible in the photo I have from that time. It was scary.

I never really experimented with colours, though. I attempted blonde streaks at home once or twice, but never really liked it so would always stick to browns, blacks, or dark reds. Instead of colours, I’d experiment with hairstyles and cuts. I would cut it myself, cut in a fringe, find a new way to style it if I was bored.

When I moved to the UK I chopped my very long locks off and went the shortest I’ve ever been. I’ve not let it grow as long as it was prior to that since! Now as well as chopping it off when I get bored with it, I’m always trying a new colour. I’ve gone from dark brown to every shade of red imaginable, dark blonde, pink, back to reds, browns, purple, and now blonde.

I’m going the lightest I’ve ever been and loving it! It’s always a process, so in a couple of months I’ll probably be the colour I’m aiming for.

I have the best hairdresser, she always takes my crazy ideas and gets great results and loves that she never quite knows what to expect when I come in for my appointments. I wouldn’t be able to do all the changes I do without her taking care of it!

I’ve had a lot of colours and styles over the last 8 years – here’s a summary:-