Teaching and Learning: Patience

It’s important to take a step back sometimes. Back in January we booked a holiday for March, having not gone away since June last year it was much needed and we were both desperate for some time away to rest and relax somewhere warm after a stressful winter at work for both of us.

Between January and March a lot more happened. We decided to move house this year. We found what can only be described as the perfect family home (in my opinion anyway!). And in order to procure that home? We need to sell our existing house. Everything hinges on us selling (and hopefully quickly) – so no pressure or anything.

And in the middle of all this we go on holiday. To be fair, with all the stress of getting the house ready to sell and how much thought and worry goes into things we can’t even control our holiday couldn’t come at a better time. I can easily say I was getting a bit lost in my own head.

So we went on holiday, to Fuerteventura, and it was lovely and warm and sunny and quiet and very relaxing. We slept a lot. We ate too much (damn you all inclusive!). We laid by the pool and on the beach. We walked into the town of Corralejo where I managed to find the only Mexican restaurant (and we ate there twice. It was delicious!).

It helped. There were still times I worried about everything. Hubby described it like rocks. The ones we can’t do anything about are big boulders and need to be left alone. We can concentrate on the smaller, more manageable rocks until we have the tools to break up the bigger ones and do something about them. Makes sense, and helps a little, but sometimes I still stress about the things I can’t control that need to happen for us to move forward to the future we want.

I just keep reminding myself that if it’s meant to be everything will fall into place. And if, for some reason everything doesn’t fall into place this time it’s for a good reason and something better will come along.

I think it’s life trying to teach me patience. I’ve never been a really patient person when I make up my mind and decide I want something I normally want it to happen then and there! Having to wait for things to happen that I can’t do anything about? It’s hard, but I’m learning a good lesson.

This situation isn’t something I can control, I can only do a small part within the overall picture. But I’m hopeful that things work out the way we’d like and have faith that whatever happens, it will be the best thing for us.