Ways to Love Yourself: The Physical

Physically challenging acts make me feel really proud:

  • Being able to run longer or faster than I have before.
  • Doing more of an Insanity workout and pushing myself harder.
  • Holding plank longer than I have before.
  • Doing more push ups than I could previously.
  • Using heavier weights that I couldn’t use before.

Seeing and feeling a difference in my body as a result of these challenges makes me feel strong and proud. I’m learning that my body can do things I never thought it could do, have faith in my own abilities, and to love my body and what it can do for me – what it continues to do for me every day I wake up and continue to live.

I’m currently doing my second full round of Insanity. I just started Month 2 and remembered just how much I need to push myself. With bad knees and sore legs, it’s hard. But when I find myself able to do more than I could before, and that even after 2 years I find it a little bit easier this time around than the first time, I find my heart swelling with pride and love for myself and what I can accomplish when I motivate myself.

Of course it helps that part of that motivation is getting a week of rest and relaxation on the beach in Fuerteventura next month!  🙂

It also helps knowing that I won’t be doing Insanity again this year but changing things up after my holiday. I’ll be running again, which I haven’t done for a few years, and am looking forward to the challenge coupled with the physical and emotional release running gives me.

*Source: en-route-to-healthy.tumblr.com

My motivation for running this year? I’ll be doing a Race for Life in June, helping to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. You can read more about why I’m doing this and donate here.

Then it will be cycling and some other challenges. The more I find my body can do physically, the more confident I am in myself. I am strong. I am alive. This body may have a bit more fat than it should, it may be a bit weaker than it should be in places, but if I take proper care of it, it will take proper care of me.

The more I exercise and move, the more I find I can love myself and be proud of who I am.

Of course, exercise gives a plethora of side effects that are good for you too. More energy, mood boosting, more confidence, motivation to do more. It’s all good 🙂