2014: Looking Forward

I did do an inspiration board for 2013, but I never did post it. This year I will post my new one! I’ve finished it today, and I think I need a bigger board as I keep wanting to add more to it and it’s filled up! But then that’s probably a good thing that it’s small as it keeps me from adding too much.

This year is all about inner peace (creating my own happiness, not giving others control over my emotions), creating myself (confidence, finding my own joy, not letting my priorities slip), and health (fitness and nutrition of course!). It seems a lot, but really when it all comes together it will result in a healthy, happy, fulfilled life.

Inspiration Board 2014

I want to create more, so will be aiming to write at least once a week, if not more, here and on other sites I have/frequent.

I’ll be working on my confidence every day. New Year’s Eve was a big thing for me. I wore a dress I’ve never worn in public as it’s a bit too clingy for my comfort and I always feel really self conscious in clingy/tighter dresses. But I got past it and wore it and even felt happy in it!

And fitness-wise… I’m doing Insanity right now (yeah, again!) It’s the perfect timing as I can finish it right before we go on holiday in March. When we return from holiday I’ll be doing P90X-3, which I’m really excited to try! I always struggle the most with food, so I’m continuing to try to eat lots of veggies, fruit and healthily and avoid junk and gluten which makes me feel so awful.

I have a few work-specific goals this year as well, which these areas will help me accomplish in the long-term.

There are also a few other goals which I won’t be revealing. A girl needs her secrets! 😉