2013: The Year in Lessons

2013 for me started and finished much the same – with pretty horrible depressive episodes. Both were triggered by work-related stress. The first was much, much worse, owed to going through some rather personal difficulty. Basically I spent the first 2 months of 2013 feeling only hurt, then nothing at all, before I started to climb out of the very black hole I’d created.

December, thankfully wasn’t as bad as the start of the year, but I still managed to cry non-stop for days for no apparent reason. Everything was making me very angry and unhappy, culminating in a meltdown I couldn’t control. I’m thankful I was off work over the holiday period to help recoup.

I started off with the bad for a reason: those times were pretty awful, as awful as I’ve been in a very long time in fact. But when I look back on 2013, those are not the times I remember.

Here’s what I remember:-

  • Spending time with amazing friends.
  • Living in the moment, not with my head buried in my phone or camera.
  • Seeing Rudimental live BEFORE their album came out and they blew up. I loved them ever since that night. It helped pull me out of my depression in February.
  • Spending time with my dad while he had a restful holiday from work.
  • Seeing one of my absolute favourite artists live in a beautiful church in London.
  • Having a friend from the States over for an impromptu visit!
  • Meeting David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, and some amazing people at Chevron 8!
  • Going to Ibiza with the two most precious people to me in the world.
  • Spending a week alone while Hubby went away for work, proving to myself I’m okay alone (but I missed him!).
  • Seeing Michael Shanks again. Still too much of a fangirl to speak to him properly!! <3
  • Visiting Paris (and deciding I don’t want to go back).
  • Conquering a massive project at work.

Some pretty great things happened last year and I’m really happy those bad times don’t define the year for me. Instead, they help me appreciate the good things I have in my life.

I feel so blessed and truly lucky to have people in my life that love, support, and help me.