We’re going to Ibiza…

Last week was the week myself, Hubby and our bestie have been waiting for since February when we booked our trip. It’s been in the works for years – us whisking her away for a short holiday away from her 2 lovely kids and a manic work schedule and honestly… It was brilliant. I didn’t take many photos, opting to ‘live in the moment’ (my motto for the year!) and enjoy myself but got a couple of the sunset and the alcohol, of course!


We only had technically 3.5 days in Ibiza, but we made the most of them and came back tanned/sun burnt and more relaxed than when we left. We had grand plans of going clubbing, but in the end opted out of it and instead enjoyed the myriad bars and all the deals they lure you in with… buy one get one free? Yes please! Free shots? Sure! 2 litres (yes, LITRES) for €15? Sold!!!


We saw some sunsets, got some sunshine and chilled out. It was lush and beautiful and everything you’d expect. It doesn’t trump Cala Millor in my eyes, however. (Seriously that place will forever be my favourite place on the planet I think.) But it was memorable and fun and glorious 🙂


A notable difference for this holiday above all others (other than it being our first with someone else) was me. Specifically my confidence, which never waivered during the week. I seemed to just … forget to be self conscious about being in a bikini (or topless) and honestly for the first time ever did not care about what anyone else thought or whether they were looking at me.

My past experiences have always been very self conscious, even though I know everyone feels that way and most people are too engrossed to noticed me anyway and I’ve always tried to come across as not being self conscious – even though I was. But this time was different. Losing half a stone before I went, noticing the few changes I have done in the past month and feeling better about myself have all helped to create more confidence than I was expecting!

It was a great feeling and one I’m using to motivate myself further seeing as I have no more events planned yet this year. I allowed myself a last few ‘holiday’ meals over the weekend and today have been back on track and will be getting back into exercise this week and planning out the month so I know what I want to achieve.