The impossibilities are endless

I totally owe a post-Chevron 8 er, post since it was what, 3 weeks ago now? I haven’t even gone through the photos yet, but I will soon. Promise, kiss kiss.

Truth be told after the con I knew I had three weeks of rest before going to Ibiza and I’ve basically shut down. I’m physically run down, mentally exhausted and just generally so very tired. Of everything. I’m having trouble getting up in the mornings, getting to work for 9am is a struggle.

I can’t concentrate on anything and everything is just… impossible. I just want to curl up in a little ball and hide away, recharge and re-focus.


I’d like to say Ibiza will be an opportunity to do some of that, it will sure help me recharge and is definitely hiding away! But it is only 4 days and I don’t think that’s enough. It’ll help though, I’m sure.

I even cancelled any and all plans I had tentatively made between Chevron and Ibiza. There were a few nights that Hubby was working overnight, so he wasn’t around. I kind of let that get me down too, but while I haven’t been as bubbly as I have been, I’m not spiralling. I do believe it’s all due to being tired and my poor introvert soul needing to hide away and rest.

I just have Ibiza and LFCC to get through, then I can hide away (outside of work anyway) for a while and focus on feeling better. With so many things happening all in the space of 3 months it’s been a bit crazy. I wouldn’t have changed any of it – it was all amazing and wonderful and I loved seeing my dad, spending time with a friend and doing Chevron, but it’s wiped me out!

The good news in all of this is I’ve not slipped back into bad eating habits and I’ve kept working out. I attribute my not slipping into depression to those facts. Although I’ve not been quite as good as I could have been the past week or so, I haven’t been horrible and I’ve lost half a stone! Just need to keep the momentum going.


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  1. Pam Getty Avatar
    Pam Getty

    Hang in there my fellow introvert! I just went through the same kind of episode and I have to say the little exercise I’ve been doing and following my ayurvedic diet for the most part kept me from going down to far. Much love and hugs!