Dresses and Jumpers

I’ve been thinking about posting my outfits and doing some fashion posts for a while now, no better time to start than the present right?

I’ve had this outfit in mind ever since I bought this sweater, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it in the shop and have all three colours. 😉

My office has a pretty lax dress code, but one of the things they don’t like is strappy tops – like this dress. So I usually wear a cardigan or similar with these kind of dresses/tops.





Jumper: TU from Sainsbury’s
Dress: New Look
Shows: New Look

The reason behind finally wearing this ensemble? The dress straps don’t go near where my stitches are! Even though they are covered with a plaster for now, I’m not keen on having anything tight on the area and the straps didn’t touch it thankfully.