In a word: Amazeballs

That’s how my weekend has been.

Friday night I cycled 5 miles. It was a longer route that I originally intended, but as I was coming up to the right turn to go back towards home I decided to carry on straight and go a longer route. I felt good, I wasn’t rushing or pushing too hard just going a steady pace so felt like I could go longer. The only hiccup was when I found that the cycle path I went down did NOT end up where I imagined it would, but instead joined one of the main A roads. It was either turn around and go back then down a different path or suck it up and get on the road. I got on the road and it wasn’t too bad, or for very long, and I managed to survive until I met the next cycle path to take me home! I stopped twice for water and to recover from the road panic haha, but was home after 50 minutes!

Saturday we were up stupid early and in the car at 7:43am to drive to Weymouth for the Olympic Sailing. When it was announced that the Games would be held here I was intent on getting tickets to the sailing! I missed out on the first go, but the second round of ticket sales I got some and it was amazing. I’d been watching all week and the weather had been pretty crap for spectators but good for sailing – a lot of wind and a fair amount of rain – but the rain held off on Saturday and it ended up being sunny most of the day.

GBR and the USA getting ready for the last race of the day

The final race of the day on the Nothe course was the Women’s Elliott 6m between the winners of the earlier races with the last head-to-head being GBR vs USA. In case anyone is wondering, I’m Team GB all the way! So Hubby cheered on the USA team instead ๐Ÿ™‚ I would have loved to have been there today to see Ben Ainslie win the gold, but we had other plans!

Which brings me to today! A family friend turned 50 this week and her daughter planned a surprise birthday party for her – a year and a half of planning! Hubby’s mum is over from Spain so she could attend and his brother and the fam came down from Kent for the weekend to be there, too. It is always lovely to see them and the surprise went well! ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes, a great weekend! Although I am exhausted and somewhat grumpy for it (poor, poor Hubby having to put up with me) but I can now say I’ve attended an Olympic event and that’s pretty damn amazeballs!