Ride On, Baby

You remember my 2012 Inspo board? The one with the bicycle on it? And how adamant I was last year and the early days of this year to get a bike?

Well I’d kind of given up on getting one this year. It was looking more and more like I’d not be able to afford to buy one and so I had all but given up on it for now.

That all changed last week!

I was nominated by management and given £100 worth of vouchers at work for going ‘above and beyond’ my role and doing some great work on an important initiative for the company and that, along with the £50 we all got for Christmas, allowed me to buy a bike!!!!!!!!!

So at the weekend (when summer finally decided to start here in the UK), me and hubby made our way down to Halford’s and I ordered this:

My bike!

I pick it up tomorrow after work and have ordered a helmet and some other bits already in prep.

I can’t wait to go out on it and I couldn’t have picked a better week to get it! I’ve even mapped out the route I want to be able to take just to see how long it is and I’ll probably have to work up to it, but it shouldn’t take me too long.

Oh happy day!