Feelin’ Good

Remember how I bought a bike last week? I picked it up on Tuesday night and got it home and couldn’t wait to try it out. Now, I haven’t been on a bike in oh, 16 years or so? So I was clever enough to try it out first on the short grass in the back garden because, hey, I’m not the most graceful person when standing still, so riding a bike might present a problem…

Within about 5 minutes I’d fallen off, sprained my ankle and fallen against the fence, bruising my arm. Fun times man, fun times.

Moving on! I got it out again Friday night after letting my ankle rest (it’s still not right, but it’s better) and after a lot of procrastination and deliberation I got back on it.

And I didn’t fall.

So I went out on the road (which is preferable to grass, let me tell you!) and I still didn’t fall. I was a bit wobbly at first, but that’s to be expected. I got the hang of it after a few minutes and went round the block. Then I had to ride around again for a few minutes when Hubby got home so he could see.

I was going to go out on it yesterday, but ended up watching the Opening Ceremony instead – which I thought was amazing! I don’t understand why people get so angsty about the Games, I love them (but that’s for another post) and then was running around a lot during the day (new haircut, AGAIN) and was shattered last night so I vowed I’d go out today.

I ended up waking from a pretty nasty/emotional dream before 6am this morning and noticed the sun was just coming up. As I was wide awake I thought it’d be the perfect time to go out. I was ready and out by 6am and although it was raining a bit, it wasn’t too bad and I really enjoyed it.

I gotta say, 4 miles for my first proper ride since half my lifetime ago in just over 30 minutes riding time (I stopped for a few minutes half way through to have some water and saw a rainbow!) is pretty amazing. I’m pleased with myself anyway! And I found a few bits rather daunting, but survived and made it home in one piece and didn’t fall over at all. J

At the start I felt like I might be able to take a longer way home but when I was resting at the half way point I knew I’d struggle to make it back and didn’t want to push it too early – and my ankle is still swelling a bit. I’m glad I didn’t go longer. What I did was enough and I felt good when I got home. I think once I’m used to riding again and feel like I can go longer when I’m closer to home then I’ll start extending the route.

It’s nice to FINALLY be able to do something that’s not going to tax my lungs too much (chest infections are no joke with me!) and I can do outside. It’s ticking off a few things on my Inspo board and we like that!

Now if I could only convince Hubby to get one and come out with me…